A Patron is a member of the Friends of the Bargello, who makes a generous annual donation that will be used toward the various targeted campaigns outlined within our web site. It is through the generosity of the Patrons that the FoB can make substantial headway toward the most critical areas of initial improvement; including all areas of visitor experiences; a professional photographic campaign of the collections; and updated museum publications.

Along with the Founding Patrons, the Patrons group will collectively serve as the keystone to the financial development of the Friends of the Bargello, a position that is essential to the development of our resources and overall impact of our mission of support for the Museo Nazionale del Bargello.

The Patrons can enjoy each of the incentives currently offered through the Friends of the Bargello, and in addition;

  • Behind Closed Doors¬†An itinerary developed on a bespoke basis for small groups within the Founding Patrons and Patrons band of membership. Together with the Patron, the office of the FoB will facilitate and schedule opportunities for viewing private collections in and around Florence not open to the general public, hosted dinners within private palazzos, and personalised lectures by respected art historians and curators within iconic churches of Florence.
Patrons membership = £7,500